Ludmila's Hobby

   I like to do things with my hands and I like beautiful things. As I can not find anytime what I wish so I use to make things myself.

Take for instance the greeting cards. Of course, you can spend lot of time walking from one paper shop to the next one and you would probably manage to spend lot of money buying cards made by good and not so good artists. And you send them somebody and he will know that you spent money. But if you would like to send him or her something expressing your personal feeling, you fabricate him or her something with your hands. And so do I.
Here are some of my home- and hand-made greeting cards. I used my self-made paper that I combine with various lovely materials like flowers, dry leaves, small plant pieces and sometimes with embroidery and netting or openwork.




Most of all I like to work with textiles. Since I can remember I have been collecting and preserving every bit of fabrics I find nice even if I don't know what I could with it. And strange enough, years later I will need just this speck of old curtain for my patchwork.
This picture on the left is something different. As our son Martin was going to marry María-José, I decided to make them a wedding gift that they could use in their living environment. The result was this macramé, to which I wrote a short explication (in German) seen below:


Das Bild ist als ein Hochzeitsgeschenk entstanden. Erzielen wollte ich eine transparente Wirkung als Erinnerung an die Hochzeit unseres Sohnes. In einem vierkantigen Messingsrahmen arbeitete ich mit naturfarbenem Häckelgarn in der üblichen Macramee-Technik. Für mich eine Herausforderung: aus der relativ steifen geometrischen Ordnung die Knoten zu lösen und weiche Linien der floralen Muster zu knüpfen. Glasperlen, Edelsteine und Metallgarn verleihen dem Bild einen sanften Glanz. Steine und Trockenfrüchte symbolisieren die Länder Spanien, Mähren, Kalifornien und Deutschland, zu denen das junge Ehepaar eine besondere Bindung hat.

Paar dark Paar weiss Paar gold

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